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They may be small, but they’ll kick your a*s on the green, ‘The Short Game,’ Netflixs’ documentary, and life-lessons from golf’s best 7-year-olds.

Can there be any doubt that we want the best for our children?

It’s hard to imagine that anyone except the most incessantly hovering, helicopter parent hasn’t noted the near-constant barrage of advice on how to support growing children.  While increasingly, one observes parents who treat their children, like delicate butterflies, who must be shielded from all forms of predation [unsupervised play, mediocre grades, the feeling of sadness…. and the list continues] – the one you often hear being pampered “my Baaabaaa”  “my daddie”, “mummie” generation


This persuades me it’s safe to say, the transmission of appropriate sustainable values to children [and grown-ups alike] is at the cross roads. 

Agreeably, the need exists, to engage in innovative activities, that are not only entertaining, but which also impart sustainable values….these qualities…….. and  drill them in so deeply that they’re invoked like a kind of mantra — Grit! Risk! Failure! ….!….!

…….Got it?……

Sports provide a great pointer; Besides the recent thoughts Why 4×100m Relay Finals Will be Crucial This timeI’m certain, you will also recall the piece we shared on olympic and world record 800m champion David Rudisha; A Story How To Produce Winners Always!  We demonstrated how sports can provide a brilliant path for converying values ….. to your next generation…..

Well, last Sunday, …yet again, Aunty Babie and I witnessed how sports – this time golf –  brilliantly take to the podium as a minefield for relaying values.  This time, it was joined with film, a crucial partner in the formation of individual [and societal] values.

Movie Dates Forever : This weekend, was our movie date.  Well, this is one of those enduring family rituals – ‘We promised not to stop dating..  Aunty Babie and I continue to make space for each other, just have fun like as we did before the kids …..came. And not talk about them! …….. Keeping it fresh, keeping it exciting. ……spontaneous…… if and its usually possible.

Yes ….that’s correct…every so often we have an evening blocked precisely for that ….. This is time we have set aside to watch select movies… since we strongly believe movies present a great family bonding occasion, and they also keep sustainable values in play. 

…a good film does more than entertain or fill seats at the cinema. It MUST have the power to transmit the CORRECT VALUES that change hearts and minds..

And since I can’t say whether it was just the uncharacteristic August Nairobi cold, or the stuff showing in the local theatres in Nairobi over the weekend didn’t jell-in-well with our appetite for movies.  Anyway, we opted to stay home and watch something on Netflix instead.  

Demonstration, that as movie ticket prices continue to climb, and streaming platforms strike bigger and better deals with distributors, the laptops  and smart Tvs are quickly becoming the modern movie theater – talk of the disruption catching up with theatres as well – its REAL bro!.  

From nature documentaries to slasher flicks, we had a little bit of everything at our digital disposal.  We reviewed various trailers, and were initially inclined to watch The Story of God; With Morgan Freeman, a six-part series featuring actor Morgan Freeman who explores various cultures and religions, and their take on religion-related topics, particularly about their belief in a God or a higher power.

The Story of God came with a must-watch-recommendation from a sister-in-law, and her childhood friend during their recently. Though I don’t recall the name of her friend, they sure left us all in stitches. Especially when describing how tight their friendship was, they said they were “sisters-like-aah-bee,” – as tight as those two buns you are sitting on right now!!  “We are straight, don’t mistake us,” they quickly added!!

In the interest of time, however, we shelved the thought of watching The Story of God; With Morgan Freeman and in the interest of time settled for the one and half hour The Short Game.

Considering the  variety on Netflix, you mustn’t wonder, why it took us long to decide. Because it sure did, ….Ok ..yes it did….and here it goes….it’s also because we believe a good film does more than entertain or fill seats at the cinema. It MUST have the power to transmit the CORRECT VALUES that change hearts and minds  – and sometimes society more widely. 

Needless to say, NOW you know what I think of……the likes of Rafiki, by Wanuri Kahiu.

I’m certain you recall the experience and thoughts I shared after watching “Black Panther” and How Block Buster Movie “Black Panther” is important for  families? Do you ….?..

Back to the weekend; where we spent the family movie time watching The Short Game..  a very enjoyable documentary about something you might never think would be interesting…a world champion golf tournament for children.

This documentary, is certainly yet another Netflix must-see which plays more like a movie. It MOST CERTAINLY, will make you forget about the animated movies your children often want to see. Ensure they watch this and they WILL walk away with a type of value and knowledge that they would have never had before.

I can’t say enough terrific things about this film! Its truely spectacular in every sense! and certainly a strong entrant into my bucketlist of absolute favorite movies.

The Short Game

While neither you, nor any of your family may be golfers, this need not scare you away.  The movie is great for anyone who has kids, plays golf or just loves a good real life story.  

The Short Game -good for family oumamuga.com family business consultants
The Short Game [Photo Courtesy]
I wasn’t prepared for the treat in store, with this movie. As a golfer [for golfers] I’m not your pro golfer, but a pretty good putt reader, being on record having sent the ball our of bounds [on several occasions], yet I truely can send it also right out of the “sweet spot” into the centre of the fairway! 

This movie however, had me right on the edge of my seat. I don’t regret the one-and half hours spent watching and loved it!  You have to watch it!  Its worth seeing, it’s fun. 

You wont be sorry! 

Don’t be harsh with yourself, if you find yourself very emotionally invested in the kids…. it didn’t just happen to me, I think Aunty babie  too had her fair share judging from her comments. You cannot understand the joy of what you could do …….THIS … and other holidays with your junior…

In the movie, we had the delight of seeing how kids [and their parents] were  charming, funny, hardworking and determined – REAL great messages about sportsmanship and doing your best.


The Short Game stars -good for family oumamuga.com family business consultants
Pint Size Golf Stars [Photo Courtesy]
The Short Game is a documentary about the world’s best golfers … ages 8 and below ……

The story begins six months before the World Championships, and is co-produced by Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. It highlights eight junior golfers, aged between 7- and 8-year-old golfers from around the world, as they prepare for the World Golf Championships at Pinehurst, North Carolina, USA.

This is the pinnacle tournament for young golfers, bringing together 1500 players from 60 different countries—all under the age of 8.

The movie is evenly split between children from the South Africa, United States and other countries with five boys and three girls, including hilarious and competitive Zama Nxasana [south africa], Allan—the younger brother of the tennis star Anna Kornikova, Sky Sudberry, Jed Dy, an autistic Filipino and Augustin Valery [great-grandson of French poet Paul Valery].  Kournikova went on to win the boys division of this event for his age group.
It visits each of the eight children at their homes, – crossing cultural, racial, and class lines  – transversing the globe from America, Paris, Manila, Johannesburg and Shenzhen, China to meet the kids and their parents.

The children are all worthy role models with supportive parents. With a strict 365-days-a-year training schedule, the miniature pros literally eat, sleep, and breathe golf. All in the hope of coming out the victor of the three-day tournament. The movie demonstrates the unique trials and tribulations each child, and parents undergo in preparation and during the competition.

These are 7 year old children from all over the world, each with a different life story, with talent and aspirations to be the next Tiger Woods,  Jack Nicholson or Gary Player ….even the girls!

You have to watch Amari Avery “Tigeress” and her tough-love dad Andre who are memorable characters in the movie. Andre pensively says “she is the next greatest golfer who ever lived.” …….She played. He caddied……. Watching her play, I …..actually ….believe him! The unique resemblences and facts between with Tiger Woods and Amri Avery “Tigeress” is amazing.

The Short Game Amari (Tigress) Avery how
Amari (Tigress) Avery [Photo Courtesy]
The film is an eye opener to the world of kid’s professional sports, and is about kids in general. Failure isn’t an option, until they learn that it’s inevitable. If this topic doesn’t capture you—the kids will. The story of their lives, hard work, friendships and families make it personal and easy to relate to.

Thinking about all that talent makes my head hurt a little.

The movie also includes Jed Dy who is just the opposite, a talented golfer from Manila whose autism enables him to focus totally on the sport.

The film  is fun and inspiring for all ages, also includes interviews with golfing legends Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Chi Chi Rodriguez and Annika Sorenstam.
Childrens’ Passion I’d like to, in addition, recommend this movie to a new generation of parents, who wish to have their children pursue a career in something the children are passionate about.  These five boys and three girls are prodigies who are delightful to watch as they deal with the demands of year-round training, expectant parents, and the stresses of competition.
The Short Game -is good for family oumamuga.com family business consultants
Zama Nxasana of South Africa – Most Improved Player (Photo Courtesy]

A safe space for the family; The documentary is extremely kid-and-family-friendly overall, though one dad says “goddamn it!” and another remarks “kick ass.”

The Short Game will teach kids [and parents/guardians] both the basics of golf and what it takes to be a world-class athlete at such a young age.

I’d be hard-pressed to find, at this moment,  a better example that explains how sports can be brilliant in character formation for your kids today.

Smiling ear-to-ear in a bright yellow jersey, Zama is one of the first kids shown in the film, laughing when asked about becoming famous. “Yes, I’ll be rich!” he laughs. The mention of marriage causes Zama to break into a belly laugh. “I haven’t found a girlfriend yet!”

Finally: The movie, I think, offers a exceptional opportunity to trigger the conversation on how sports ….and other extra-curriculum activity…..can build character of your juniors – and influence parents in this journey.

Thanks, for coming back to talk about The Short Game.  If you haven’t yet watched it, check out the trailer at :  https://bit.ly/2P4LXrS
Kindly share your thoughts on this, and your experience of The Short Game in the comments below

In the Video, the father of Tiger Woods and his coaches walk us though the journey they had Tiger – interesting tips indeed

Photo – courtesy



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