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And convinced knowlege is the greatest present

Every so often, I come across someone who I could talk to for hours. A person who grounds me just by speaking with them, and who makes me want to listen more deeply, as they speak from the HEART with more intention.  I suppose the same happens to you as well.  Believe me, I cherish these conversations, they make me live my life from the HEART …even more so than I already do.

Last week, I shared with you a story from one such occasion.

I mentioned the  conversation with Suzzie and Zack, two soulful people, I met during a recent visit to a relative. The two spoke from the HEART about Deciding Your Final Resting Place a short, but suprisingly uplifting conversation we had over dinner.

Anyway. I have a major crush on them, imagine, during the dinner, I’d stop mid-sentence to take another helping of traditional vegetable with a pit in my stomach, almost frantic to return to know what happens next, bits-and-pieces of which I shared with you in the post. 

WE agreed that …… the number of reported  disappointed and frustrated people, when the decision of the final resting place is NOT made by the time it is MOST needed, makes it warrant our  attention.  The dangers from failure to provide clarity over the manner, fashion and location of ones’ final resting place is REAL and sets the stage for a tragic – as is sometimes the case – an acrimonious [often financially and emotionally  draining] fight in families.

Sadly, and in a way that feels completely relatable to our seemingly textbook story, the media, this week, reported controversy over the burial of Mary Auma Oliech popularly known as “Mama Oliech.”

Two obituaries with conflicting burial dates and funeral arrangements were published in a local daily – an acrimonous fight appears to be in progress.

two conflicting obituatries for mama oliech family feud over burial family business consultants oumamugavoice
Conflicting orbituaries over the burial of Mama Oliech in Daily Nation (Courtesy)

The first Obituary on page 45 announced the former Harambee Stars Captain Dennis Oliech’s mother will be buried on August 18 at the family home in Ratta-Seme, in Kisumu County. While the second, on page 46 said the cortege will leave Umash Funeral Home on August 9 for a requiem mass at Uhuru Church, before leaving Nairobi the same night for arrival at the family home on August 10.

…..I trust that we are not seeing the beginning of the end, of yet another family business dream in the second generation. 

Popular Eatout: Mama Oliech’s Restaurant in Nairobi’s Hurlingham area is famous for its traditional food, easily one of the best traditional food spots in town. It was host to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg  during his surprise visit in 2016.  

Mark Zuckerberg having Lunch at Mama Oliech Restaurant Nairobi in 2016 [photo courtesy]
Game Changer from Aunty Baby;  As I wrote this piece,  I recal a gift from aunty babie shortly after we first met years ago: “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. She got me the 25th anniversary edition, as a birthday present, a book I wore out twice. I hope you too could read it, to see if it will change your world the way it changed mine. Because I was hooked from the moment I read the following lines from the foreword Coelho wrote in 2014:

“When I read about clashes around the world–political clashes, economic clashes, cultural clashes–I am reminded that it is within our power to build a bridge to be crossed. Even if my neighbor doesn’t understand my religion or understand my politics, he can understand my story. If he can understand my story, then he’s never too far from me. It is always within my power to build a bridge.”

…..If only we learnt that within us lies the power to build a bridge to cross…..I was hooked and that was the begining of this blog….

Knowlege is the greatest present: and as “The Alchemist” tells the story of Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy who sells his flock to fulfill his Personal Legend: traveling to Egypt in search of treasure. Along the way, he meets a king and an alchemist who encourage him to continue on his quest.

As Santiago leaves Spain and travels through Africa, he learns lessons that are important for all of us to remember. Among others, the king teaches Santiago about the WORLDS’ GREATEST LIE: “that at a certain point in our lives, we lost control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate.”   The alchemist teaches Santiago how to listen to his HEART. And Santiago teaches us that “it’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

If you long for a different, freer kind of life and wish to follow your dreams … into a journey that awakens you to the dangers of being shortsighted in your mindset.

…..then I’d like to give you simple [not easy, but simple] practical examples and tools for creating what I call an “Escape from Shortsighted Mindset.”

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