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Predict the future? Maybe, maybe not, but joining a lively conversation at “future-proofing” psychology[ists] may be a compelling enough reason – perhaps ………

So when Prof said, “I’m not in a position to predict what specific jobs, or skills, will be meaningful to you and keep you employable.” “And yet,” he continued. “I suggest principles, that if adopted, will help us better adapt to an unknown future – in 2020, 2030 or 2050.”…….

This tasty comment shared in the ’90s has stayed with me since………

That’s when famed Psychologist and wit Prof. R.C. Tripathi, had lit the candle in my eye with the Tao of Physics  and  The Turning Point; Science, Society, and the Rising Culture among others. There began a sweet friendship.  I’d roll over the pages, picking moss as we spoke, a nudge here, a query there. Prof at one time, in serious jest, even suggested, “To understand the subtle, and complex intricacies of human behavior, explore innovative “tools,” and yet, you mustn’t disregard the conventional kit-bag.” I’ve decided to try my hand at it, with as a short fictional tribute to this brilliant gentleman, way ahead of his time – Peter Ouma

May I REQUEST that u kindly share your answers, so others too, who seek a candle “lit in their eyes,” may heal the“Itch as I had, to learn, understand and to solve…

Dear Reader,

This morning at about 6 A.M. I was already considering my way out of bed, just when my phone tweet. And though I hear it said all the time, about wee hours of the morning, yet don’t take my word for it. I’m terribly behind when it comes to social trends. I still think that tweeting is a disease you get from cuddling a parrot.

Of course, today, I’m not alone. My phone sits at my side, my one, and only companion. As the first glimpses of morning approach, it hasn’t lit up for hours, thank God, my phone has also been asleep like the sun which went down hours earlier.

I stared into the depth of my phones’ screen, as a picture popped-up in one of the WhatsApp groups. The “AU PsyQ” group, an adorable bunch ~ of friends ~ with whom I correspond. And not that they knew it, yet, I consider them my avowed “mind-molders,” sort of. You know, those groups, where you may not exactly have met, each, ~ friend ~ in the strictest physical, traditional sense. And yet you have met. Not even a handshake, nor rubbed noses, like the Maori of Australia I understand do, no, none of that. And yet, we are friends, lets’ say, we have e-met, and continue to nourish each other with almost insatiable short snackable messages.  Fit for purpose, the chats in the group is terrific pre-game –  and all are happy. Well, some are.

And though, I swear, I can’t tell whether its the picture displayed on my phone screen or the tweet I heard that arrived first.  Much as I’m told it’s a profound question, as solemn a question as some physicists ask whether walking or running through the rain will keep you the most dry.  At the moment, I’m trying to wrap my head around the photo Usha has posted. I’m charmed by the opportunities presented with the photo, that is all that matters.

Meanwhile, the world outside was slowly graying and turning into a beehive of activity, soon, as usual, the day will be filled with the buzzing of activity and conversation; a constant barrage of words that, once released, are eternal.  Yet this image of a city, that Usha had just shared with the Whatsapp group continues to stare at me, literally holding me a kind of hostage. It wasn’t one of those meaningless forwards, you know, the ones you ignore, and delete without a second glance. This one spoke, it whispered and stirred something rather familiar. And whether it was me, or perhaps the picture, there seemed a kind of subtle transmission of information, where words left off, and the photo, seemed to adopt its’ own language, as it conveyed layers of messages?

The Turning Point

Usha, must have known. Or did she?  A fellow psychology alumni at oxford-of-the-eastI fancy, she must have somewhat been aware of the new consciousness that has been entering the human world, everywhere, a kind of new awareness, energy, a feeling, a spirit.  And which of late, like a healing balm, it now increasingly appeared to gain the attention, and interest, of some thinking people.  And was changing the world..

“Heading towards paradise; Delusional self-confidence or reality?” – Usha – Photo Courtesy

I suspect she had some inkling, of this new, and yet, not so new thinking,  because below the picture,  Usha, had written; “Heading towards paradise; Delusional self-confidence or reality?”

Of course, it was a pretty weighty question, which required a deep-seated heftier answer!

I hesitated for a moment, but curiosity got the better of me when I decided to “side-chat” Usha, whom I’ve only e-met. After the “hi,” and “how-do-you-do” formalities, which aren’t real greetings.  And yet aren’t they? – daaah!

“I wish to use this picture to trigger a conversation,” I fingered away. “May I?” No sooner had I pressed the send button, that a tweet announced her reply.

“You can … with the others ..  not me…..psy people are so obsessed with methodology, you know the traditional research methodology…you know?…”  Usha wrote back.

Music to my ears is how the response felt, and I didn’t wait for another bite at the apple. If you know what I mean? Conscious of the rapid evolution of knowledge, I took an optimistic view, cast the dice, and waded into the debate.  Convinced, it presented an opportunity to generate some lively conversation on “future-proofing” psychology[ists].

“#Futureproof” refers to the ability of something or someone to continue to be of value into the distant future. That the discipline, business or person remains relevant and avoids becoming obsolete. #Futureproofing is the process of developing methods,  and tools, that minimize the effects of shocks and disruption by future events.

Really! future-proofing only psychology[ists], suddenly swung the thought pattern. like a curveball.  I’m certain you aren’t a visitor to this game, often played by the mind when it processes the information on these matters. Well, I think, the conversation targets every ~ thinking ~ person, I concluded.

And so …..

Kindly take a look at this picture here-below, and answer the two questions at the bottom of the picture.

Please share your answers in the comments section below 👇 [max 100 words]




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