Why it Matters  ..It is not true we have only one life to love, if we can read, we can live as many lives and as many kinds of lives as we wish.

An 89-year-old Ugandan Man was recently buried with piles of newspaper in central Uganda, as part of his dying wish. Invariably sending different messages to different people.

Dodoviko buried  collection of Newspapers – Photo Courtesy

Dodoviko Ssenyonjo, a reportedly dedicated reader of local newspapers, did not trust that relatives would keep his collection after he died.  “Rarely would he be seen without a copy of his newspaper,” reported a close confidant.

It sure is a loud statement, on his love for reading. A passion he held dear.

Yet, it is also an interesting reminder…  

…… the number of reported disappointed and frustrated people, when the decision of the final resting place is NOT made by the time it is MOST needed. The subject of afterlife planning warrants our attention.

The dangers from failure to provide clarity over the manner, fashion and location of ones’ final resting place is REAL.  And sets the stage for a tragic – as is sometimes the case – an acrimonious [often financially and emotionally draining] fight in families.

It would be great, to make this decision, NOW so that when the “dreaded day” comes, those near and dear, can focus on processing their grief [or joy] instead.

It used to be a luxury not to confront the issues of one’s death, but end-of-life planning is increasingly an important concern….

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