What We Do

OumaMuga Voice (‘OMV’),  is an invaluable source of insights for the complex and unique problems that impact on institutions, entrepreneurs, owner-managed, and multi-generational family businesses – we live and breathe issues that impact this sector.

OMV is recognized for pioneering a regionally dedicated online voice for enabling a multi-disciplinary approach that inspires and empowers solutions to the institutional development, entrepreneurship and Family Business Community in the region.

OMV facilitators are the most in-demand institutional, entrepreneurship and family and owner-managed business experts for speaker sessions at conventions, conferences, retreats, meetings, and higher education in Kenya and the region. Our facilitators are specialists in owner-manager and families-in-business. And we provide a unique opportunity, to tap into long-standing experience supporting and working with some of the most successful institutional developers, entrepreneurs and family businesses in Kenya and the Region.

OMV provides short practical answers to dozens of questions facing institutional developers, entrepreneurs, owner-managers, and families-in-business. Sharing insights and best practices is at the heart of what we are all about.  We are incredibly active on social media as well, so follow us @oumamuga.com on twitter and be part of the community.

Everything we do at OMV is about making the best information resources available to help entrepreneurs and families-in-business continue their family business journey, wherever it will take them.