At OumaMuga Voice we leverage our deep knowledge of corporate psychology, institutional development, and expertise in human behavior in the world of corporate and institutional development, and family-owned businesses.  And the primary goal is empowering people to proactively define and lives with intentionality and purpose.

We use this deep understanding combined with the first-hand experience accumulated over the years in the region, to support and transform individuals, teams, organizations and families making them tick, and thrive.  This resource is tailored with relevant information on how to start and grow and transition institutions, corporate, professionalize families and their business from generations.  Here we are not talking about just some motivation or random inspiration. We provide cold hard facts and actionable steps.

OumaMuga Voice also reports conversations with institution developers, ambitious entrepreneurs, managers,  owner-managers, and families-in-business, as a tool to create social or cultural impact.  We share these success stories and often thought-provoking institutional and psychological insights that offer new sustainable trends that invite action and change.

OumaMuga Voice is a property of oumamuga.com and is managed by Peter Ouma Muga, a human resources, corporate psychology and mature family-owned businesses coach, self-improvement writer, speaker.

An escapee from shortsightedness, he is passionate about supporting the cultivation of a mindset that favors a long-term perspective on life.  He focuses on encouraging like-minded entrepreneurs, owner-managers and families-in-business to learn about new findings in business and family, and what it takes to succeed – as an Escapee from Shortsighted Mindset.

At OumaMuga Voice, we encourage our fans and subscribers to always think of  – leaving a befitting legacy – and to engage in that stuff they will continue doing even when motivation in form of cash or incentives are not available or forthcoming. And carve a niche for themselves.

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