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Fortune diggers should be discussed before they show up in the family.  Because, by the time a family member is already in love, it can be like trying to stop a launched rocket ~ so prevention may be the only cure.

When advising families on how to survive and thrive for generations, one topic that is often side-stepped, for whatever reason, and yet, is of immense practical importance is that of the fortune diggers, or the con artist  who target family members.

Inoculating families against Fortune Diggers, an all-too-common danger can save families untold pain and misery……Paul ouma 

This subject isn’t something we make a habit of discussing. Though, to protect families from clear and present danger, one that by the law of averages is almost certain to affect many of them, it is important to share  it.

Fortune Diggers – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum

Last Tuesday  Philip Etemesi  and I met for the first time – I mean physically.  We had e-met on various occasions, but on Tuesday, we met in 4D.  We spontaneously struck it, and discussed many things of interest. Among others, we  both were in agreement, that not only women, men too, can be fortune diggers.

Philip, who  blogs advise, and entertains the youth with ‘out-of-the-box’ tips on how to have healthy s*x lives and excellent relationships…had some interesting thoughts about a smooth …digger …. A Ben10 [slang; for a young man who flirts, dates and chases older women], whose revealing exploits occupied the attention of the media, and its reading public recently.

The  drop-dead gorgeous Ben10 in almost soap opera fashion, an incident that looked like it was picked up straight from a thrilling movie had a series of shush affairs netting some big “mbuta” in a calculated, yet comical series of shush affairs…. 

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The conversation progressed well into the evening, and as he told me about his blog, I shared with him “our passion in supporting you  Escape a Shortsighted Mindset.”

I can’t wait to share with you, how I  playfully placed the types of fortune diggers into four different categories during our conversation with Philip.

4 Types of Fortune Diggers – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum

Fortune Diggers #4Types Families should avoid family business consultants Kenya

The Bronze Diggers – usually just wants something. No matter how big or small. It could be a beer or a pack of cigarettes.  Usually, the bronze digger asks for small things at first, and gradually builds up to ask for bigger – more expensive – things. Besides, the bronze digger doesn’t have much going for them and that’s why they don’t expect much.

The Silver Diggers – normally have stepped up in expectations. They will not settle for putting “credit” on their phone and other routine expenses.  Their phone will get stolen, the rent will be due and perhaps they may even need a new outfit for the occasion you’re taking them to. At this point, you may be too smitten to say no, but the list of needs will keep coming.  They usually want a monthly plan.

The Gold Diggers – The most deceptive thing about the gold digger is that at first glance they looks very successful – because of their dedication to the gold digging craft. They know how to dress the part and are sweet-talkers. So do not for one second think that they come with a sign on the forehead written, “Beware! I’m a gold digger.” No! They are very sophisticated, suave, and have expensive taste. May also has very good English, complete with a seductive twang, never mind where they went to school. Needless to mention they have good grooming, and hang out in all the right places.

This type are usually not jobless; they could even be a doctor, a teacher, banker, an artist, a businessman, but with one goal — to find the person to use as a stepping stone to the next level! They are ambitious and want a long term stake in your wealth.  They are more calculating, and  this is a transition phase to the platinum.

The Platinum diggers – target the fortune of CEO’s, Professional Athletes, and Entertainers. A platinum digger always has the finer things. So when you see them they will put on designer wear [or some clever imitation] of Gucci, Fendi, Hermes, Dolce & Gabbana, and the list goes on. They answer to the call “When you look like money you attract money.”

Platinum diggers will not ask for anything. They know how to manipulate their significant other into buying them whatever they look at. ….Yes look at …..because they don’t ask for anything. Normally their gifts are houses, cars…… A true platinum digger wants the finer things in life…..

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Forewarned Is Forearmed

I couldn’t help thinking of , The Confidence Game,  by Maria Konnikova a book I recently had the good fortune of reading and which I have reviewed for you here in our book shelf. She states in an account how swindlers – this is what i think of the diggers – manipulate human psychology. I couldn’t agree with her more, when she mentions how; “Transition is the confidence game’s greatest ally”  because these fortune diggers thrive in times of upheaval.

And while “Such scams work best when the victims are usually in a vulnerable place in their lives—recently divorced, fresh out of an abusive relationship, or recovering from a serious accident—and these diggers presented themselves as a hero and caretaker, the [wo]man who would step in and save the day.”

the-confidence- fortune diggers families must avoid family business consultants
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Believe it or not, there are people who deliberately read the obituaries, figuring how they can get to the vulnerable widow(er) and their families.  And here, I’m not talking of the common thief, who arrives at the venue, under the guise of coming to condole, but instead are scouting for what to steal! Nor am I referring to — the desperate and depressed and not-quite-divorced – dud, or their cousin whose profile on the dating website reads; its-somewhat-complicated.

I am referring to those dubious individuals, who will deploy every trick in the con-artist-rule-book, scouting and eventually wriggle their way into the affection of well-heeled people.

And so …., where a member of the family is experiencing an emotionally raw or flustered episode, we are especially vulnerable to a scam. And con artists are adept at identifying an easy target.  Recently widowed or by simply having financial muscle and being well-heeled, you need to beware.  There are large numbers of people who actually hunt for the “lonely” heart in order to target their wealth.

Why discuss now ….. now more that ever, it is even more important, to discuss this challenge with family members before fortune hunters show up in their life.  Because, by the time they are already in love, they may already have an undermined sense of reality, and trying to talk them out of it can be like trying to stop a launched rocket ~ so prevention may be the only cure.

How Diggers operate

The fortune diggers interest in the finances won’t usually appear obvious; prepare for them to be surprisingly convincing. As my late brother Luke used to spitefully say: “If a con-man looked like a con man, he wouldn’t be a con man.” These predators are adept at appearing to be the friend or lover you have always dreamed of, but never found.

Be on your guard, if someone love bombs, and seems to – coincidentally – share all the dreams, aspirations and values. And as Philip quickly added, they may even come across as s*xy beyond anything in your wildest dreams, it may even seem that you have finally met the right person. The antennas of caution need to emerge, you may be dealing with a con artist – a fortune digger – who wants the lifestyle, the money, prestige, contacts, and maybe even your Scalp or the scalp of your NextGen.

You certainly do not want these diggers near you or your NextGen SO TALK ABOUT IT  ~ in good time ~ in the family.

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