Our Voice

OumaMuga Voice (‘OMV’) works tirelessly to promote the Family Business Sector, and to provide a voice to ensure the sector is fairly represented. We live and breathe issues that impact on entrepreneurship, owner-managed and family-owned businesses issues.

Family Businesses are the lifeblood of the Kenyan economy, and indeed for countries in the region.  A representation that is replicated globally with upwards of 70% of all private businesses globally being family-owned businesses.  They also make a significant contribution in terms of employment, tax revenue, income, and community involvement .  All too often Family Enterprises are dismissed for being small, lifestyle businesses that fail to span the generations and do not make much of a contribution.

OMV is an unparalleled rallying point, and the only dedicated digital platform that targets entrepreneurs, owner-manager and multi-generational Family Enterprises with insights on how to ensure sustainability. It provides a voice for the insights and voice for the Family Business community. It is an invaluable source of insight into the sector.

We provide a voice for Family Enterprises in many ways:

  • Sharing their stories and promotion of the sector;
  • Undertaking research projects into the oldest Family Enterprises around the region and indeed around the world and sharing the findings on our platforms and through the media;
  • Regularly contributing to media pieces on Entrepreneurship, Ownership  and Family-owned Businesses;
  • Provide facilitators who are specialists in owner-manager and families-in-business as experts for speaker session at conventions, conferences, retreats, meetings, and higher education in Kenya and the region.
    Interviewing influencers and creating noise around the topic;
  • OMV searchable articles archive is available to all subscribers free of charge;

One of the ways to keep abreast of the latest research is here and we also share the family business perspectives too.
If you have some research or Story  that you would like to share, please send a pdf of the report, press release and anything to support the project to info@oumamuga.com