14+ Tips To Conquer Fortune Diggers

14+ Tips To Conquer Fortune Diggers

Why it matters Fortune digger work on a formula that follows the same pattern each time, and these tell tale signs should interest you.. During a re

#4Types of Fortune Diggers Families should avoid
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#7 Tips How Not to Ruin Family Meetings

Why it matters

Fortune digger work on a formula that follows the same pattern each time, and these tell tale signs should interest you..

During a recent conversation with Philip Etemesi, a fellow blogger, I illuminated #4 types of fortune diggers, families should avoid, a low-down which I shared with you.  And tried to convince you,  that long before fortune diggers show up in the family, ensure you have discussed and sensitized family members how to navigate the menace ~ that male & female ~ fortune diggers pose towards families. 

The conversation I had then proposed to you [and your family] is serious, it’s timely, and it is SO IMPORTANT.  Precisely because, by the time a family member blunders and is already in love, it can be like trying to stop a launched rocket ~ so prevention may be the only cureI hope you check out the # types of diggers … right now, and share it with your friends much as you continue reading these tips that will support you conquer the diggers.

And remember, I also promised to further unpack the fortune diggers’ footprint…

So let’s face it….

When you are hell-bent on creating richer, free-er, more impactful lives for yourself and family,  few things are more sad than dealing with a fortune digger once they have found their way into the life of a family member.

And so, while life experiences may have prepared some family members to instinctively sniff a fortune digger miles away.  It’s crucial, the less experienced and gullible family members are supported to identify fortune diggers long before they pull out their tools of this ancient craft and start working ~ on them ~ and bring their victims to their knees, and getting them to pull out their wallets at the click of the diggers’ fingers .

The good news? Fortune diggers have a noticeable tell-tale of giveaways. So let’s jump in and skim through some of the revealing signs on the trail of fortune diggers as part of the preparation to wade off their hooks;

1. Listen to your “spidy sixth sense.”

Fortune Diggers Trust but verify Fortune Diggers hook family business trainers and consultants oumamuga.com IFFB_Kenya

When interacting with someone [or situation], and you get the feelings that something isn’t adding up, and your gut feeling kicks-in, telling you something sounds off, it may be because your subconscious picked up things that the conscious mind missed or didn’t want to see. 

This nagging sense of doubt is crucial, don’t let yourself get talked out of this feeling too easily. Ensure you explore the small inconsistencies or unexplained loose ends. Your instincts could save you a life of misery…….

In almost all the cases I’ve known that ended badly, the individuals had suspicions, but talked themselves out of it.

Tip: No matter how genuine the person or subject of conversation seems, trust, but verify

2. An unexplainable glamorous and expensive lifestyle 

Fortune-Diggers-2-hook-family-business-trainers-and-consultants-oumamuga-voice.A refined digger works very hard to come across as smooth, professional and successful. They may dress like they are wealthy, and often go only to expensive places for salon, dinner, shopping …….and hang out. 

This isn’t a problem,…. until you realize, they have no explainable source of income to maintain this lifestyle.

Faced with such a situation, your best bet is to look behind the surface and do some serious investigating.

Tip: Anyone credible has a background, and a history that should be fairly transparent.

3.Does the person constantly remind you how trustworthy they are?

Just as Einstein wouldn’t have sat down and told you how smart he was, nor would Bill Gates. Sorry, I couldn’t think up any local examples! A person doesn’t have to tell you how rich they are.

A trustworthy individual doesn’t have to tell you how trustworthy they are.

Tip; Beware when a person blows their trumpet ~ too loudly……

4. Is the individual trying to rush you into something?

Fortune Diggers awareness for families Beware of enthusiasm or charisma of the person Family Business Consultants Kenya Oumamuga.com IFFB_Kenya

Did you sense an urgency on their part …. “This requires immediate action!!?” …PLEASE PLEASE …..Press the pause button!…

What’s going on could be entirely legitimate, however, it could also be that the digger doesn’t want you to have time to think. NEVER allow yourself to be rushed into …..making an investment, …..into marriage; …. the longer you know the person [or understand the opportunity], the harder it is for the digger to hide their true character.

Tip: NEVER invest in anything based on the enthusiasm or charisma of the person — they may have more to gain by taking your money [and heart] than you know.

5. Is the individual in debt?

This is a very serious red flag.

There are people who want free money, and the possibility exists that they’ve targeted your relative, friend, or even yourself, as the magic answer to their financial difficulties.

Tip: Ascertain the individual is not in debt.

6 Lavish Flattery is another red flag.

Lavishing you with attention?  As in, when the person is overwhelming you with praise, attention and concern…. And more so, if you’re a lonely heart, be extra cautious, diggers know exactly how to play that angle.

While bonding makes a person feel good, and can be a genuine expression of true feelings. However, weighing against that possibility is the fact that flattery can also be an incredibly manipulative tool especially in the hands of someone who wants what you have.

I trust that here, you will differentiate this, diggers hook, from the genuine “westcoast smoothness” often associated with the people from the Westcoast! – if you know what I mean!

Tip: When differentiating between flattery….and genuine praise, attention and concern….its a fine line.  Here I wish you well.

7. Does the individual need money to  bridge a short-term financial emergency?

Perhaps, its because I’ve never seen this kind of situation work out well. I’ve seen dozens of cases in which a [wo]man is deeply in love, wants to help the person they love and “understands” how their love got into the predicament. Being kind-hearted and generous, [s]he’ll do anything to help them so that they’ll have a lifetime together.

While there may be cases in which this doesn’t lead to heartbreak, however based on every case I’ve known, I wouldn’t bet on it!

Tip: As soon as anyone new in your life asks you for money~ be suspicious. It’s one thing for a brother or best friend to ask for a loan, but it’s another kettle of fish with a stranger. Even if you think the request is genuine, refuse – and see how they react.

8. How often does the individual need to make excuses for their behavior?

I was reminded me of the excuses one often hears, and which accompany long unexplained disappearance!!!?

Placed on a trustworthiness scale, positive actions weigh an elephant. An excuse weighs a mouse. Two excuses weigh a cockroach.

Tip: If they are full of excuses for their behaviours ……borrow a leaf from athletics……sprint away!

9 Lying should be a deal-breaker.

I DO NOT agree with the old Chinese saying that lying is acceptable under only two circumstances: to save a life or to flatter a woman.  

When a person fibs, and fabricates, “take liberties with,” “bends,” or “stretches” the truth. Worse still, they boast, and conceal, or even cover-up embarrassing (perhaps even unethical) acts. Oh my, and if the person is creative with their alternative truth, and you notice them painting a donkey to look like a zebra  – be weary.

Trust is all-too-important in a relationship.

Tip: If the individual tells a SERIOUS  lie to you once, how can you trust that they will not make a practice of lying in other cases when it suits them?

10. Do you notice the individual’s relationship with others?

Does the individual have a caring family? Long-standing professional relationships? Long-term friends? If you want to avoid fortune hunters, get to know the individual’s family and make sure to spent time with the individuals’ family and people who’ve known them for years.

Tip:  A friend shared with me, recently, how these checks steered their future away from a family of modern night runners!

11. Words are cheap.

Words may convey the deepest, and most soul-felt feelings.  But then again, they may not.

Philip mentioned about a guy who once told him, how he could “score” five nights a week on one of the internet dating sites. His method? “I tell the person, ‘I l***ve you.’ What the guy went on to explain to him was very instructive……

Tip: “There are no three words in the English language ~ that I know of ~ that get you greater results for less effort than “I love you.” There is a lot more to “love” than just words.

12. The nicest people need to be the most vigilant

There are time when I think some people fit what Cicero said more than 2,000 years ago: “It is as hard for the good person to suspect evil, as it is for the bad person to suspect good.” When a person is nice, they often may have trouble realizing that a bad person really is bad.

Tip: Keep being nice, but remember, the world has many complicated people – who are not always nice.

13 Quickly agreeing to a relationship
When a person is attracted to you like they have just been waiting for you to come into their life. When it seems like they don’t have any qualities of what they want in a partner and are simply mimicking what you like because they are looking to settle down for the long haul.

Proceed with caution – will you?

Tip:If someone seems too good to be true, well, they might be, but do a little research on them. How many friends do they have on social media? Are any of these people from where this person claimed to grow up? Do they have an established history online? It’s very hard to fabricate an entire lifetime. Even the best fortune diggers will have a hard time filling in all of the holes.

14. Isolation

Diggers will slowly and subtly separate you from people who may question their plans. They may intercept phone calls from your friends…..your family. They may even refuse to associate with your family. They’ll tell you, “It’s you and me against the world, baby.” Soon, you’re alone with them, snared in their net.

Tip; Beware!

Thank you for reading this important conversation, which reflects some of my views on relationships and family.  

Hope it gave you food for thought or sparked a conversation you would like to have with close ones, your family or even with yourself.  

Are there any fortune diggers tell-tale signs and tips we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below.